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Have Dental Fear or Anxiety? Let Us Help you with Sedation Dentistry

At Springs Dental Care, we want every one of our patients to feel comfortable and welcome. To achieve that goal, we have made our office feel like a home away from home, combining both a homey décor in our waiting room with sedation dentistry.

Have you put off regular visits or an important procedure because of anxiety? Don’t let your anxiety stand between you and a better sense of health and well-being. Let Dr. Cea or Dr. Webb talk to you about our sedation options. Together, we can see what works best for you.

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Springs Dental Care Introduction

Welcome to our practice! Our goal is your comfort and peace of mind. Whether you are a child, teen, adult, or senior, we can take care of all of your needs. If fear is a motivator, we are here to put those fears to rest and allow comfort for you while you have your dental needs taken care of in a twilight sleep.

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Dental Implants

Dental implants are designed to replace both a patient's missing tooth and his or her missing tooth root. If you have one or more missing teeth, talk to our Colorado Springs dental team about whether dental implants are right for you.

Other types of tooth replacement such as a fixed bridge, partial denture, or full denture give you a full smile and the ability to chew and speak. However, because these merely rest on top of your gums, they simply cannot replace the solid foundation that a tooth root provides. A dental implant, on the other hand, effectively mimics the root, thereby anchoring your tooth restoration. In addition, a dental implant helps you avoid the jawbone deterioration that often accompanies tooth loss. Without the root in place, the bone tissue begins to atrophy. Eventually, your jaw shrinks, making you look older.

Restoring your smile with dental implants happens over the course of several months. The process begins when Dr. Cea or Dr. Webb carefully embeds an implant in your jaw beneath the gap in your smile. As your gums heal, the implant and bone fuse together. After several months, the bond is secure and you’ll return to our office to have your tooth restoration attached.
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Family Dentistry

At Springs Dental Care, we provide top-quality dental services for patients of all ages. This means that each member of your family can have their smiles taken care of in one convenient location! From toddlers to teenagers, adults to senior citizens, dental checkups are a vital component of maintaining oral health. We like to see our patients at least twice each year for these basic visits. Your teeth will be spotlessly cleaned and the dentist will also evaluate your gums for signs of periodontal disease.

Gum disease is a quiet troublemaker. In the beginning, the signs are often difficult to recognize. That’s why our dental hygienists employ special techniques to measure the depth of gum pockets around your teeth. A depth greater than four millimeters can be an early indicator of gingivitis, gum disease’s initial phase. Detected at this point during a checkup, gum disease is sometimes reversible with a more stringent oral hygiene routine at home. For more advanced cases, Springs Dental Care offers periodontal therapy to deeply clean your tooth roots.
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From Our PatientsFive Star Reviews

Ronald B. (August 2015)

Very friendly staff, helped me remember my check up and cleaning was due. Each time I have been there I've always felt like family.

Carol S. (August 2015)

Going to the dentist is not high on my "relish" list, but the staff at Springs Dental Care make it less of a dreaded option.

Amy L. (August 2015)

Absolutely amazing. I haven't been to a dentist in 15 years due to anxiety, and (from reception to the hygienist to the doc) they were so understanding, patient, thorough, and slow. I'm hardly nervous about my next scheduled visit!

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