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Custom Mouthguards in Colorado Springs

Consider all of the protective wear that athletes in different sports put on before they play. Football players wear helmets and shoulder pads; many who play basketball wear eye protection; hockey players—well, they’re just covered from head to toe! There is, however, one part of an athlete’s protective uniform that anyone involved in sports should wear and that is a custom athletic mouthguard. Whether you or a loved one participates in a contact or non-contact sport, a mouthguard from Springs Dental Care will protect your mouth and may even help you perform better.

Every year, there are more than 600,000 emergency room visits because of sports related dental injuries. In fact, without a mouthguard, an athlete—whether an amateur or a professional—is more than 60 times more likely to endure a harmful mouth injury.

A custom athletic mouthguard from Dr. Webb or Dr. Cea cushions the impact of a blow to the face, thereby reducing the risk of fractured, chipped or knocked out teeth, as well as injury to your lips, gums, tongue, jaw and face. Furthermore, there are reliable studies that show wearing a mouthguard can also reduce the risk of concussion or the severity of the effects if a concussion should occur. Researchers believe that the ability of a mouthguard to absorb the impact of a blow to the face may also decrease the shock transferred to the brain.

Custom Athletic Mouthguards for Colorado Springs Sports Enthusiasts

Although there are mouthguards available in sporting goods stores and pharmacies, these do not compare to a custom-fitted mouthguard. Taking an impression of your teeth and mouth, Springs Dental Care dentists are able to create a mouthguard that will more closely and completely protect your teeth, gums, lips and cheeks.

Custom mouthguards are important for anyone playing sports—both competitive play and practice—but they are particularly important for those wearing orthodontic braces or any kind dental prosthetic, such as dentures or fixed bridgework. Not only could a blow to the face damage your braces or other oral appliance, but without a mouthguard you run the risk of more severe tissue injury.

A custom-fitted mouthguard from Dr. Webb or Cea is comfortable to wear and does not restrict breathing. To care for your mouthguard, brush with a toothbrush and toothpaste. We’ll give you a special container in which to store your mouthguard. Don’t use hot water on your custom athletic mouthguard and never leave it in the sun.

If you or another member of your family needs a custom mouthguard, then call our office to schedule an appointment. Our family-friendly dental practice in Colorado Springs, CO, warmly welcomes patients from throughout the surrounding areas as well, including Denver, Cascade, Green Mountain Falls, Woodland Park, Fountain, Falcon, and beyond.

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