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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you serve adults and children?

Our Colorado Springs dental team is happy to see patients of all ages. After all, even children are vulnerable to things like tooth decay and gum disease.

How often should my family come in for checkups?

We recommend coming in for checkups and cleanings twice a year. Frequent visits like these will help us monitor your smile for changes and provide earlier, more conservative care if we find anything. To schedule your next appointment, simply give us a call or log on to our patient portal.

Do you offer teeth whitening?

To help patients have a brighter smile, we offer take-home whitening. This service uses custom-made whitening trays and a professional-strength whitening agent. Achieving amazing results is just a matter of you wearing your trays for the recommended amount of time. In 7-10 days, you’ll have the whiter smile you’ve been dreaming of.

Do you place and restore dental implants?

Not every dental office is equipped to handle both phases of care, but ours is. When you come to Springs Dental Care for implant dentistry, you can look forward to having your full procedure completed by the team you already know and trust.

Is sedation dentistry right for me?

If you struggle with mild, moderate, or severe anxiety, sedation dentistry may be right for you. Let Dr. Cea or Dr. Webb talk to you about how sedation dentistry works and about your personal options.

Call Springs Dental Care if you have questions or if you want to schedule an appointment with Dr. Cea or Dr. Webb. We’re happy to offer comprehensive dental care to patients from Colorado Springs, Denver, Woodland Park, Cascade, Green Mountain Falls, Falcon, Fountain, and all surrounding areas.

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