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Restorative Dentistry in Colorado Springs

Older man and woman smiling together outdoors

Restorative dentistry basically allows our team to put your smile back together! Whether you have a chipped, cracked, broken, decayed, or missing tooth, Dr. Cea can help you regain your complete smile. Using dental restorations made of the finest, most natural-looking materials, we can make your smile look and feel as good as new in just a few visits. Do you have a few teeth that need a little help? We’re ready to provide it, so contact us today.

Traditional Crown & Bridge

Model smile with fixed bridge

When it comes to repairing damaged teeth and even replacing missing ones, traditional crowns and bridges are two of the most reliable treatments in all of dentistry. A dental crown is a tooth-shaped “cap” that simply fits over the top of a tooth to restore its strength and appearance at the same time. Crowns can even be attached to additional prosthetic teeth to literally “bridge” the gap left by multiple missing ones.

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Tooth-Colored Fillings

Closeup of patient during dental exam

Tooth-colored fillings enable us to do something that is simply impossible with traditional silver/amalgam fillings, and that’s repair small cavities without altering the appearance of a tooth. They are made of a composite resin, which is a strong and durable material that can also be specially shaded to completely blend in with the enamel. Even better, tooth-colored fillings also allow us to restore a tooth while preserving more of its natural structure, which will help it last for many years to come.

CEREC One-Visit Restorations

CEREC milling unit being prepared

In the past, if you needed to have a tooth repaired with a dental crown, it would require at least two visits to your dentist, a messy impression, and a week spent with an unreliable temporary crown. Thanks to CEREC, these are now all problems of the past! With this technology, we can design, manufacture, and place a completely custom-made crown in just one well-planned appointment. At Springs Dental Care, we’ll look after both your smile and your schedule!

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Full & Partial Dentures

Hand holding a full denture

If you’re sick and tired of working around your missing teeth every day, then dentures can provide the solution you’ve been looking for. Modern-day dentures are smaller, sleeker, and more natural-looking than ever, and they offer a quick and affordable solution to make smiles whole again. Partial dentures can replace numerous missing teeth while fitting in seamlessly with the remaining ones, and full dentures can easily bring back an entire row at once.

Root Canals

Animation of root canal and tooth

The dental pulp is a small bit of soft tissue that is located inside of every tooth, and sometimes, it can become infected or damaged, leading to the mother of all toothaches—the kind that makes it hard to concentrate on just about anything else! Fortunately, our team can easily relieve this kind of pain using a root canal. Thanks to the latest dental techniques, this often feared procedure is now practically painless, allowing us to save even the most damaged teeth.

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Metal clasp holding an extracted tooth

While our primary goal is to help our patients maintain their natural teeth for as long as possible, sometimes, the best course of action is simply to remove one. This is often the case if:

Nonetheless, should you or your child ever need an extraction, we’ll use a light touch and a generous amount of local anesthesia to make sure you’re comfortable from beginning to end.

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